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Yoga on the Belissima

We often have people ask us “what exactly is the Belissima for”? Well, thats a tough one because it’s for everything. But unlike the other “all around” boards out there that are… well… all ROUND… the Belissima is designed to be a really efficient paddling board on flatwater, with a keeled displacement bow. This increased glide translates to a more enjoyable paddling experience. But as important, is the crossover nature of the Belissima. It’s also a great board for learning to surf small waves, and lastly, the Belissima is fast becoming a favorite for Yoga. The wide flat deck is perfect for this, and the traction pad we use on the Belissima is designed not to chafe and rub, so you can be sure that your session is about getting fit, not getting rubbed the wrong way. This is why the Belissima is quickly becoming a favorite. Yeah, we know… we really did think of everything!

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