Waikiki goes fishing | Riot Stand Up Paddle Boards

Waikiki goes fishing

I’ve never been much of a fisherman, but I have to say the new Waikiki sure makes it a lot of fun. Because its plastic, I can paddle in around rock gardens and not have to worry about damaging the board, and the various features really make this a whole lot of fun. The seat back bungees down to the main deck, with a standard cooler in front of it. This can be used both as a seat, and as storage for tackle, your fish, and of course, “beverages”. The fishing rig has two fishing rod holders built in, so you can place your rod left or right as needed. If front of you, the board has a hatch that accesses the inside of the board (and it totally dry unlike some other hatches on the market), and also a “paddle plug” holder that allows you to store you paddle vertically while casting so its always easily accessible. A deck bungee holds down anything else you might have, like an additional cooler, or whatever tickles your fancy. All in all, this is an awesome system that allows you to paddle seated or standing, with everything the fisherman could need for an amazing time out.

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