Waikiki Fishing System | Riot Stand Up Paddle Boards

Waikiki Fishing System

I want to take this opportunity to present to you the new fishing system for the Waikiki.

This system is fairly lightweight, and attaches to the board in seconds with bungee straps. It works with industry standard coolers such as the one shown, and is comfortable to use and effective.

The (prototype shown) structure will be made from aluminum, and has a backrest to lean back against so you can paddle seated using a standard Stand Up Paddle. A rod holder on each side is integrated into the system for trolling, and the cooler is accessible at all times so you can get at everything from your tackle, to beverages and of course, store your catch. The board itself has a front hatch so additional storage space is available inside the board.

These are just the preliminary images of the prototype, but we’re so excited we wanted to spread the word.

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