Tim Ryan on the Mini Mach1 | Riot Stand Up Paddle Boards

Tim Ryan on the Mini Mach1

Today we went to secret spot #1786 (yeah, it’s a secret) and it was good head high to overhead surf. Beach break, pounding (read: if you end up inside you could spend 15 minutes trying to get back out – just ask Tim) and sometimes closed out. But the waves that weren’t closing out were amazing. Fast and racy, with all the rewards of surfing this kind of beach break. Tim was on my (scratch that – since he left with it) “mini” Mach 1 8’2″x25″x4″ and this board performed amazingly today. Here are a few frame grabs I got of Tims last few waves after I got out. And of course, some of him getting a look at the inside (and underside) of a few of the larger waves.

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