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Tahiti out in the Surf

I got to take the Tahiti, the new plastic SUP from Corran, into the surf yesterday. It was hardly stellar conditions, but there was surf, and I wanted to see how it would do. It’s not really designed for surfing – really its an entry level board for people wanting to get into stand up paddling, and just want to paddle about the cabin or harbor etc. But hey… I figure they may also want to take it into the surf from time to time (though smaller surf than what I took it out into for sure).

It was actually a lot of fun. I could charge down the line, and turn more than I thought on the face of the wave. Paddling out was easy as pie compared to my surfing SUP. The local surfers were a little confused that I was surfing this board rather than my normal one, so I had some explaining to do. Here are a few select photos from the session..

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