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Sup Surfing the English Gardens

“Sitting in the English Gardens, waiting for the sun…”

Everyone knows the Beatles song… but in the English gardens or Munich, Germany is also a surf wave, and today I got to surf it. I borrowed a board from my friend Carsten Kurmis, put on my brand spanking new Jenga wetsuit, and off we went…

The wave itself was pretty bleak… water is low and it was barely in (think California in summer), but it was something, so I was happy to get out and surf. However, my 3mm wetsuit was overkill… I was sweating like a pig!!

I also got a chance to try out our new Cobalt paddle for the first time surfing… I’d used it a bunch just general paddling, but this was my first surf with it. Really nice, I must say, for an inexpensive plastic paddle!.

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