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The Streetfighter is a board that will keep you coming back to whitewater rivers again and again. The Streetfighter  looks much more like a “creeking kayak” than a SUP, and thats because these shapes are proven to work.  The flip up skeg doesn’t hang up on rocks throwing you off like a normal fin does, and our “Boof Buddy” allows you to hook a foot under for sticking drops, without the risk of entrapment. Made from the same tough stuff as river kayaks, the Streetfighter can take everything you throw at it – AND it’s 30% lighter than the other plastic boards out there.


Stand Out Features :

  • End handles for easy carry.
  • Closed off watertight hatch. 
  • Center handle for lifting.
  • Full size traction pad for comfort and grip.
  • Full size traction pad for comfort and grip.
  • Pressure release plug. 
  • Flip up Skeg.
  • Boof Buddy.
  • Drift Ghost camera mount.


Length 9’7″ (293 cm)
Width 37.5″ (95 cm)
Height 11.4″ (29 cm)
Weight 55.2 lbs (25 kg)
Maximum Capacity 354 lbs (160 kg)
Material Rotomolded HDPE