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Streetfighter production in the USA

The Streetfighter, long awaited, has finally gone into production here in the USA. Molded using the same machines that are making our lightweight Tahiti and Waikiki boards, we are able to bring a plastic whitewater specific board to market at a weight that’s at least 30% lighter than the closest next plastic board. At 45lbs, the Streetfighter is a very manageable weight to carry and paddle for all.

The Streetfighter is also the best outfitted board out there. Features like our patent pending tail skeg allows the board to be paddled with a skeg making it easy to track and paddle, but this skeg flips up and out of the way with impacts with rocks – so you don;t go flying off the board. The Boof Buddy makes landing even the hardest drops easy, and our effective non slip deck pad is second to none for grip and traction. But lets not forget its amazing shape – this board is the “creek boat” of paddleboards. Highly rockered, rounded sides and forgiving rails makes it easier to run class 4 on this than most boards can run class2, and that’s saying something. And its still really fun to surf!!

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