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Streetfighter on the Chili Bar

I just got back fro three days of amazing paddling on the Chili Bar section of the South Fork of the American river. There I met with an old friend from the extreme kayaking days, Jamie Cooper, and local paddlers Albert Romvari, Mike Fentress and Hilde Schwitzer. While the latter three preferred to take their kayaks and watch, Jamie and I spent three days on the SL350 and Streetfighters running the lower gorge sections and upper Chili Bar sections. On eht Streetfighter the Gorge was almost too easy – the board is just so easy and stable that I was having to go out of my way looking for hard lines and boofs, rock splats and hard-to-catch eddies to keep it interesting. Jamie styled the gorge – putting her kayaking experience to work for her. So the next day I decided to take the SL350 down the chili bar. This was a real challenge and my goal was simply not to fall at all running the rapids, which I succeeded in doing. But it was a real challenge, and made the day quite fun. The following day I returned on the Streetfighter, and this was a real walk-in-the-park. Like the gorge, I went out of my way to look for boofs, ledges, and the biggest holes I could find to punch, including running the main line of Trouble Maker through the center ledge hole, and right through the throat of First Threat. All in all, its the perfect river for the Streetfighter and SUP – basically deep, easy runs, with all the potential to make it as hard as you like if that’s what you want.

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