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Streetfighter nails class 4

Expert Kiteboarder, Patagonia athlete and SUP surfer Jillien Fillion joined me yesterday on the class 4 section of the Rouge River in Quebec to do some whitewater SUP paddling. The level was high, at about 70 m3/s (cms), making the rapids long, full of holes and giant waves spattered about. At first he wasn’t using the boof buddy, and when punching the larger holes he’d get bucked off the back, but as soon as he figured out how to use it to stay connected to the board, everything changed and he was successfully plugging even the hardest of the drops.

Of course the amazing stability and forgiving nature of the Streetfighter makes it second to none for pushing your personal limits. When you’re a top athlete like Jullien, those limits are pretty high. However for most people the Streetfighters ability to run whitewater with a high level of success for even total beginners is whats making this board so attractive (never mind that its by far the lightest plastic board on the market, and retails for half the price of most boards). But I digress… This story was of course about Jullien and how well he did on the Rouge river yesterday. These photos (including one fantastic wipeout before he’d figured out the boof buddy) show how hard the river is!

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