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Streetfighter in plastic!

Corran Sup is pleased to announce the release of the Streetfighter in plastic. The Streetfighter has received high praise from all that have used it, and it is quoted as being “The best whitewater SUP out there by far”. Until now it was available only in kevlar construction, costing three times what the plastic version will sell for. The Streetfighter’s official release is in March of 2014, but we will be making only 100 units in 2013 as a “spacial pre release”. Part of this special release is the teaming up with Drift Innovation, who make the best POV camera on the market today, to offer these first 100 buyers of the Streetfighter their latest camera, the Ghost, at a 40% discount from retail. The Streetfighter comes standard with the Drift camera attachment on the board.

Some of the special features of the Streetfighter are:

* At under 38lbs, it is the lightest plastic whitewater paddleboard on the market. This is a big deal when you start to push your limits, which invariably leads to more portaging, scouting and so on.

* The board comes with two fin systems – the highly praised flip up skeg (so you spend more time paddling and less time flying off the board) and a standard fin box (so regular fins can be used, as well as the snap-in wheel).

* The Boof Buddy foot hook helps you maintain contact with the board when running bigger drops, without the risk of foot entrapment from a loop strap style design.

* Dry hatch that can’t break from rock impacts, for storing things like safety gear, camera gear, food and water.

* Well placed end and center handles that makes it easy to lift and carry the Streetfighter.

* Drift Innovation standard camera mount

You can see more about the Streetfighter here (Kevlar board shown).

Retail on the Streetfighter is $789, with all the above features included. ONLY 100 units are available in 2013, so contact your local dealer to order yours. Shipping starts August 15, first come first served.

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