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Static Surfing in Montreal

I just got back from an awesome week in Montreal, Canada. The level was perfect for the main wave at Habitat to be glassy and greened out, and so I went out for a few sessions with my friend Yannick Larouche who’s becoming an accomplished SUP surfer in the area. The wave is a river wave, so unlike an ocean wave that forms up, then rolls in towards the beach breaking progressively as it goes, a river wave stands still, with the water rushing over the reef that forms it. While the wave lifts and fall,s greens out and then crumbles, it never moves from its static position. This means you can “learn” the wave, and also take long rides (as long as you like – or until you get yelled off the wave for the next person). The Static absolutely loves this wave, and I was having a ball, racing back and forth, doing cutbacks and floaters. It really was an amazing few sessions!

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