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STATIC – in the ocean

As the name suggests, the Static is designed for surfing static waves – the kind you find on rivers where the water flows through rapids and creates standing waves. Generally, boards designed for these waves are chunkier, and more like a stand on kayak than a surfing board, and while they work just fine on river waves, they cannot be surfed well in traditional ocean waves. This is where the Static differs from all other “river specific” surfing boards. It’s an awesome board in the surf. In fact, it’s so fun that the last few days everyone in our group has been fighting over who gets to surf it (when we have all these other boards available). The “Rail Hull” design which is critical in making it easy and forgiving on river waves, means that this 29″ wide and 4.5″ thick board does not handle like other “chunky” shapes. In fact, it rolls from rail to rail like a board an inch thinner and 2″ narrower, making it very responsive in the surf. Surfing it is like nothing else… lightning fast response time and agility, the first few waves are best described as startling. And lastly, the kevlar construction saved the board. In true California fashion, I was surfing the beach break without a leash, and lost the board after a lip turn. It ran 100 yards into the beach which was all rocks rubble, where it spent the better part of a minute getting pounded by the shore break into the rocks. The only damage… some scratches. Long live kevlar!.

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