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Stand Up for Alzheimers

Yesterday we attended an event for Alzheimers – a fishing contest and fun race event designed to raise money for this condition that afflicts so many. It was an awesome event and we had a good time. I was goaded into racing in the sub 12′ class, which I did on the Bellissima, and won with a comfortable margin (it’s kinda cheating because the board is so fast even if it’s just 10’6″), but more to the point it was just a lot of fun watching so many people try Stand Up who’ve never been on one before. Both the Tahiti and the Waikiki were a hit – the Tahiti because its so light to carry and paddle, and the Waikiki for its fishing abilities. I also got to go for a bit of a paddle on the flatwater with the new Retro (I’m glad I wasn’t goaded into racing on it). All in all, an awesome day!

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