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Shortboard demo day1

Tim Ryan took it on himself to organize a SUP shortboard demo day. For me, literally just getting of the plane from Africa where it was over 90F, I had little intention of putting my toes in the chilly water (give me a day or two to acclimatize would you…), so instead I played beach bunny, taking photos, answering questions about the various boards and helping people out. The waves were waist high, so not a lot of power in them. This meant they were conducive to certain boards and less to others. The Simmons inspired design (as yet unnamed) and the Static and Nose rider were a hit. The Mach1’s we had also went over very well, but required a higher skill level to make them work in these conditions. I have so many photos that in todays post I’ll concentrate on the Static and the “simmons” inspired design (also known as the Timsup after some random dude called Tim…).

The Static, even though it was originally designed as a river wave board was a hit. The most frequent comment was “stable, easy and turns like a snowboard”. This is because of the boards tendency to pivot about the center of the board rather than off the fins – great for front foot surfers and river surfers wanting to do spins and so on. Everyone from 220lbs guys to a 70lbs young girl rode the board and loved it.

The “Timsup” was the hit of the day. Inspired by the Simmons design, our board differs radically from the others on the market in that we have packed modern design principles into the proven design concept. Crowed deck and shortboard rails are a must for active rail to rail surfing, and the board delivers. However, the wide tail means you can stand right over the fins in even the softest waves and not have to run forward and back constantly between moves to regenerate speed and drive. So loose, the guys were breaking the board free on waves no more than shin high, nose riding on waves knee high, and doing vertical snaps off waist high waves. While this particular board was a little small in volume for some riders (needing about 10ltr more), pretty much everyone who tried it came in saying something to the effect of “I want one”. Luckily we’re in the business of making boards 😉

The nose rider was also a hit. Again this particular board was a little low volume for some surfers, and just perfect for others. While I didn’t get as many photos of this as I did the other boards (it was hard not to be distracted by the Timsup and the Static blowing fins out the water constantly), people were certainly intrigued by the outline design that makes it feel and surf like a shortboard, until you run to the nose and ride it like a nose rider.

All in all it was a fantastic day, and despite the small surf and chilly conditions, a great success.

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