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Pimping the Bellissima

We had a customer come to us with an interesting request: “I have a small kid that I want to take paddling with me on my SUP. Is there a way we can add some kind of handle for him to hold onto, and also a way to make sure when hes seated he doesn’t just slide off?”


Thats it? Oh, this is easy I thought. And how about somewhere for you to sit too when you get tired of lugging the little guy around? And maybe make it even easier to carry the board down to the water, even if the board only weighs 17lbs to begin with…. So here it is. The delux super pimp Bellissima! End handles so it can be carried. TWO attachment points for seats, a center carry handle and  of course, the key handle for the little guy to hang on to when paddling. I think this came out really well!

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