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Pack and Paddle

There are three main issues with paddleboards that this new board solves. 1) Cost 2) Portability and storage and 3) Adaptability. We are bringing a board to market that costs less than traditional boards, can be packed into a small bag for transport and storage, and can be adapted using the various pieces for different uses (for the same user) or different users (of varied size).

While there are paddleboards under $1000, most are of questionable quality. With this board we’re bringing a quality product to market, MADE IN THE USA, for a better price than Asian made products. But the real thing here is how it compacts down. The only other option presently is inflatable boards, which even the best ones on the market flex when stood on, and require time and effort to inflate. This board packs down to a 36″x36″x20″ box that can be shipped USPS (rather than freight forwarder) reducing costs to shops, and from shops to customers. Floor space (which is a premium in stores) is reduced (as is warehouse space) and for the end consumer the board can be taken on public transport, inside a smart car, and stored in the shoe closet: all key points. And finally, the board is adaptable. It can be lengthened and shortened, as needed, for different users, or uses. The same person can use it as a 6′ board for yoga in the above ground pool, as a surfing board at 9′ and as a distance fitness board at 12′. Or a child can use it at 6′, and a 300lbs adult (or two adults) on the 12′ board. The versatility means one family can own one board, and it will work for all.

We’re raising funds for this project here.

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