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Namaste Flyer

New Yoga Board – Namaste

As the sport of SUP continues to grow, so do the various disciplines within it. Yoga is quickly becoming a major part of the sport – especially for women who now make up for over 50% of all SUP users. 

The Namaste has our unique non chaffing pad that eliminates rash from doing yoga moves (or simply sun tanning or messing about on board as many families do). The deck is lightly concave from tip to tail increasing balance, giving you a more positive feel while in movement, and reducing wobble. This same recess makes it easier for children (and dogs) to stay comfortably on board  while paddling.

The wide rounded nose also increases stability, while the light V in the nose reduces wave slap when paddling making for a more comfortable ride without reducing that “classic surf shape” feel.
Whether you’re a dedicated Yogi, a parent wanting to paddle with children, or two full sized adults wanting to enjoy each others company, the Namaste is your board.

* Concave deck increases stability and confidence
* Full length non-chaff deck pad
* Plenty of volume for two adults to paddle
* Recommended for top weight 350lbs

Namaste Dimentions

11’ x 34” x 5” – 155ltr
Available in Fusia or Red.

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