New Innegra Material | Riot Stand Up Paddle Boards

New Innegra Material

We’ve been working tirelessly to develop ways to make a stronger board, without pricing ourselves out of the market. We came across a fantastic new material called Innegra, that can be combined with carbon, fiberglass, or used on its own to create lightweight, highly impact resistant boards. Think of it as a Kevlar that doesn’t yellow, absorb water when cracked, or fuzz when sanded. So far all drop dart impact tests show the material to be as effective as Kevlar when impacted (in the combinations we use with the foam and fiberglass sandwich). More testing continues as we do the first tests on boards that require high impact resistance. Then we’ll see how the material works to make them more snap resistant in large surf. The testing continues. Here are some photos of the Afterburner (uncoloured) so the Innegra fabric can be seen.

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