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New iDusi goes into production

As a result of the astounding success Corran had at the Dusi Marathon, taking first place in the first ever SUP participation in this 50yr old race, we have decided to make an inflatable version, called the iDusi. While the board carries the name of this amazing race, really the target market for it is paddlers who want the speed and enjoyment of paddling a 17′ board¬† -all the glide and excitement – without the problems of storage and transport of such a craft.

The logic was simple. If you’re going to roll the board up into a back pack, then it doesn’t matter how long it is when its blown up – as far as convenience is concerned. But then once you take the back-pack off, and blow this up, you have a really fun and exciting board to paddle – something that will allow you to cover great distances with retaliative ease so you can really explore your local environment.

“It makes sense why some people want a 12’6″ board for general fitness and distance paddling”, explained Corran Addison, the boards designer. “You have to store that board somewhere. But this is different. Since they roll up into about the same size,¬† it makes perfect sense that the longer board is the way to go. It just makes the whole paddling experience more enjoyable.”

The iDusi is a 2015 model, and is only available in small numbers as a “pre-production” board in 2014.

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