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Overthruster 2015 copy

New 2015 Boards anounced

The long anticipated launch of the 2015 Corran SUP lineup of boards is here and live. The most notable change is of course the graphics of the Epoxy and Inflatable line of boards. After three years of almost no aesthetic changes, 2015 is radically different, while remaining recognizably Corran SUP.

Some of the more interesting changes include a significant reduction in price all across the lineup – making your favorite boards even more affordable, like the Namaste at $899 and the Doppler at $1099 for example. There are also some newcommers to the line, and some oldies have been dropped from the “standard lineup” (though they can still be had as Custom boards).

New to the line are the Overthruster and the Noserider.

Radically changed are the Doppler (going to a 12’6″ from 11’6″), the Lightning (going to 14′ from 12’6″) and the Afterburner (moving to 8’6″ river play from 8′ river surf) and the Combat (going from 9’3″ to 10′).

So enjoy browsing the new boards on the site. The 2015 line is available in Spring 2015.

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