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Corran Stand Up Paddleboards is part of the Kayak Distribution family, based out of Montreal Canada.

Kayak Distribution started as Riot kayaks back in 1997, and Corran Addison was one of the founding partners. In 2004 he left to pursue other interests, starting Imagine Surf and finally Corran Paddleboards in 2012. Riot kayaks was then acquired by Kayak Distribution in 2009, which went on to expand its offering with the acquisition of Boreal Design and Beluga, establishing it as one of the powerhouses in paddlesports.

In January 2015, Corran SUP became part of the Kayak Distribution family, taking advantage of in-house manufacturing, and a far reaching international distribution network.

The Corran SUP headquaters are still based out of Capistrano Beach California, where all design, development and marketing takes place.


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Kayak Distribution

3600 1st Road, suite 20

St-Hubert, QC, J3Y 8Y5, Canada

tel: 450-812-3613

fax: 450-766-1747

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