Inflatable board preview | Riot Stand Up Paddle Boards

Inflatable board preview

Here are a few images of the new inflatable boards: the Thunder 12’6″, Matrix 10’6″ and Combat 9’3″. These boards are totally unique in the world of inflatable SUP because they don’t have the usual flexing issues. Look at how the boards are NOT bending where the paddlers feet are in these photos. While these are just in a pool, you get a good idea of just how stiff they are, and stiffness means performance! At just 3psi, these are stiffer than any other board at 15psi, and you can pump these to 15+psi. That’s a great thing. IN addition, the nose of both the Matrix and Thunder are displacement, so you don’t get the usual slapping on the waters surface – making the board slow. So enjoy the preview of these boards….

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