Great waves and good fun | Riot Stand Up Paddle Boards

Great waves and good fun

Poseidon blessed us this morning with some great surf. I drove down to one of my favorite spots, just to find some awesome waves coming in. So we suited up (a friend is in town from Montreal) and paddled out. The vibe was mellow, and we integrated right into the pack of prone surfers easily. Wave after wave came through, and it was rights and lefts to your hearts content. Fast racing sections, almost barreling, and then some great open faces too. My new Mach1 was simply on fire – I couldn’t have asked for a better board in these conditions because it had the high speed necessary to get in early, and the drive to make even the most racy sections, but was still loose as a goose allowing me to easily hit the lip on a moments notice. Really… I had so much fun, I question whether it’s legal!

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