First plastic Tahiti | Riot Stand Up Paddle Boards

First plastic Tahiti

That’s right… the very first plastic Tahiti is out of the mold. We made just a few to check the mold is good, and now we’re shipping it to the USA where we will make all the production.


Since we were done, and we had some time, we decided to take one of them out to the local river near the mold makers factory. There I took my first spin on the actual plastic board (rather than a fiberglass carbon copy of the plastic board). It’s amazing. Every bit as good as the fiberglass proto was. For plastic it’s really light (about 37lbs, and this will come down to under 35lbs when we get it dialed in, which is 25% lighter than the comparable plastic boards out there). None of the mold makers had ever seen a paddle board, and so they all wanted to try it. After the first guy was successful, then it was everyone wanting a go. Given that I don’t speak any Chinese, I was unable to give them any instruction, so this board just passed the ultimate test: jump on and go without a single clue how to do it. No one fell in, and everyone was able to have a good time. All I can say is… STOKED!.

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