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Final Streetfighter

The 2013 Streetfighter is now finished. And this board is amazing! I’ve posted some photos of the original proto Streetfighter from 2012 (in Yellow) and the final one for 2013 to show the differences (these photos the board is missing the three handles and deck bungee). The most obvious is the addition of a hatch in the front of the board that accesses a recessed “bucket”. This allows you to carry a camera, throw-bag, medical kit, a fin or water bottle – anything you need. Obviously the recess has limited capacity, but its enough to take the necessities. We have also added a “kicker” for the front foot to help with boofing drops (its so cool we’ve filed for a patent). The main problem is that anything over about 5′, the board drops away from the paddler. Footstraps are dangerous as your foot can get tangled and ankle snapping is a real concern. This system is just enough to hook under and lift the nose when boofing so you stay connected, but the foot slips out effortlessly if there is any twist. The shapes of the old and new boards are similar, with a few important performance improvements. The nose of the 2013 has been brought to more of a point so it pierces waves rather than plunging into them, and the deck has been peaked for better water shedding. Slightly wider and more voluminous in the very tail also helps with sticking drops and random diagonal waves that tend to catch and trip the paddler. High initial stability has been replaced with improved secondary stability so that the board is easy to roll rail to rail when navigating messy hard rapids, while giving the necessary stability when on edge to stay confidently planted over the board. Having paddled pretty much every board out there in whitewater, we can state confidently that this board is leaps and bounds ahead of the next best thing for those looking to take whitewater SUP to the next level.

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