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Final Production Waikiki

After a long (and fun) period of development of the Waikiki, the final version is now in production… made right here in Southern California USA. At just over 48lbs, this is one of the lightest plastic boards on the market, and us certainly the lightest 11′ plastic board by far. Outfitted with three carry handles, a snap in removable fin (standard US box so ANY fin will work), a “paddle plug” so your paddle can be stored vertically while you do other things… like fish, front urethane hatch (not a screw in type hatch that always leaks and breaks – this sucker is water tight), deck bungee, kayak seat clip in points, full deck traction pad, and a built in fitting for our innovative fishing rig system (see the photos), this board is also one of the best outfitted on the market. Easily able to carry a 300lbs paddler, the Waikiki is stable, has great glide and simply put, is a whole lot of fun.

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