Fiiji | Riot Stand Up Paddle Boards


I recently returned from the best surf trip of my life, Kalama Kamp Namotu, Fiji.  Months before my trip I spoke with Corran on shaping me a board that would work well in the more powerful waves that Fiji offered up and one that could double as my step up board for those bigger days in my home break of Long Beach NY, the board was perfect for what I needed in Fiji, its a 8’7 x 27.5 Mach 1.  It’s a light and very maneuverable board that also offers great stability and glide without the unnecessary added width that other board companies carry to offset for shorter shapes.  Namotu, Fiji is basically a surfers dream playground!  There are multiple world class surf breaks that surround the small island and for any type of skill level.  The area is also extremely consistent and there is usually a spot that is working almost everyday and for the days where its flat or blown out you can relax by the pool, kite surf, spear fish, dive or snorkel its really great for anyone who loves ocean living.  Big thanks to Kalama Kamp for putting together an unreal week of surfing and paddling clinics, I’d highly recommend anyone who is looking to improve on their SUP to sign up for one.  Also big thanks to Corran SUP for shaping me a board which maximized my surfing enjoyment in Fiji!

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