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Del Mar Surfing

This is a nifty little secret spot down in Del Mar, Southern California that my good friend Tim Ryan discovered. So we showed up at 5am, the three of us (with Chris Hammond) still with sleep in our eyes. Whats amazing about this break is it picks up just about anything… when the rest of the immediate coastline is flat, this break is going off. Peaky, with lefts and rights popping up all over the place, there would be space for 15 or 20 surfers out there… not that we want to bring 15 or 20 surfers to this spot! We were both out on our Mach1 custom 8’2″x26.5″ boards and having a blast. It was harder than normal to square it up and get vertical, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t trying our best, and having a ball doing it. Here are some shots from the day, taken long before the crows get up..

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