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Dean Botcher prepares for Dusi

Dean was one of the four paddlers who attempted the grueling 120km Dusi marathon race on a paddle board in 2014. All four competitors finished the race, but it wasn’t without mishaps. Dean had some board problems that set him back, so this year he’s opted to compete on the Dusi paddleboard itself. The AerialiteX construction over the foam core will give him the strength he needs to bank the board down the rock infested river, be light enough for the long steep portages (with board on shoulder), and fast enough for the hard exhausting flatwater sections.

With international paddlers like Slater Trout, and John Stalone (also on a Dusi) competing this year, Dean is going to need everything stacked in his favor to have a go at the win. As you can see, he’s training hard, is looking in top shape, and is getting his board race legal.

The Dusi marathon is held in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, in late February. Each year alternates, and in 2015 the 2000 kayakers competing will be using 17′ single kayaks. In 2014 they used two man kayaks. You can read about the 2014 Dusi here.

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