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Corran SUP and AerialiteX

The Dusi marathon in South Africa saw the first real extensive test of the new AerialiteX material that we’re using for all our river boards (and custom Surf shapes) from here forward. In the past we’ve used Kevlar, which is a remarkable material, but has many practical problems in its application for use in paddleboards.

The Aerialite X material uses a special fiber called Innegra, woven in a special way to optimize its performance for use in paddleboarding. AerialiteX brings the best of all worlds – a material that bonds well with the epoxy resin, resists delamination when struck, has similar properties to kevlar in its ability to absorb direct impacts and resist shearing (cutting), has high abrasion resistance, does not absorb water when broken, and lastly does not turn nasty brown when exposed to light.

On the Dusi marathon I dished out everything you can imagine to my board, which at the end was completely intact except one small crack right in the nose where I pitoned the riverbed at high speed running a low head dam that was about 10′ high. I drug the board behind me for a total of about 20km on tar road, gravel road, rocky trails, and both up and down stairs. The result was no more than a “sanding” of the bottom of the board – a million small scuff marks that were noting greater than surface scratches. Over the three days I ran ledges, low head dams, and rock infested rapids. Sometimes the best line was to ramp up and over a series of rocks rather than paddle around, and that’s exactly what I did. There is no teltail sign at all on the bottom of the board from all the abuse I handed out. All around me kevlar, nylon and carbon/kevlar kayaks were exploding and breaking with each contact with rocks – not this stuff. I was truly impressed and am confident that we have really found an amazing material to make our high end river and surf shapes from.

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