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Hydra in action


We were able to take a few of the first pre-production Hydra take-apart boards out onto the harbor in Dana Point California yesterday. There were huge crowds of people with all sorts of boards out there, and families on the beach with kids. We had a whole array of paddlers try the board – everyone from people who own their own paddleboard, to multiple time renters, and also first timers. Everyone came back raving about the board! They thought the idea was ingenious (yes, we know) of making a board that packs into the car. Inexpensive ($699) makes it affordable too. It’s stable, paddles really well, even with two people on the 9′ version of the board. From 60yrs old to 6months old, everyone seemed to be having a great time on the water with it.

Afterburner is a surfing machine


Yeah, I have to say that for a board designed specifically for whitewater river running and river static wave surfing, this board is a lot of fun in ocean waves. Is it the Mach1? Of course not… but its every bit as fun as most 10′ “fatty” surf shapes, with the added advantage of being by far the best river surfing/river running combo board out there. Made from AeriliteX, its strong enough to take what rivers hand out, its stable, forgiving and practical – a tail mounted drop skeg lifts and drops when running over rocks, and the FCS snap-in fins click in easily when you get to a great wave. Pretty neat!

Take Apart Paddleboard Animation

Here is a little animation showing the paddleboard coming together.

Infiltrator – the ultimate coastal board


I really think you're going to enjoy this new board.



Pimping the Bellissima


We had a customer come to us with an interesting request: “I have a small kid that I want to take paddling with me on my SUP. Is there a way we can add some kind of handle for him to hold onto, and also a way to make sure when hes seated he doesn’t just slide off?”


Thats it? Oh, this is easy I thought. And how about somewhere for you to sit too when you get tired of lugging the little guy around? And maybe make it even easier to carry the board down to the water, even if the board only weighs 17lbs to begin with…. So here it is. The delux super pimp Bellissima! End handles so it can be carried. TWO attachment points for seats, a center carry handle and  of course, the key handle for the little guy to hang on to when paddling. I think this came out really well!

Boards for women


Women have become the largest part of SUP paddling over the last two years, with recreational and fitness paddling being the main activities. As such, we are expanding our SUP line for women, and have two boards targeted specifically for women. The Belissima, which has done very well for us. At 10’6″ and weighing only 17lbs, this stable and easy to use board has been one of our best sellers because of its versatility and weight (the fact that its an awesome fuchsia had nothing to do with it I’m sure). But there has been a call for a faster dedicated flat water fitness board that is equally easy to carry, store and transport, but has the glide and speed of a dedicated race board. At 9’9″ and 16lbs, this new derivative of the acclaimed Lightning certainly seems to be fitting that bill. Slated to be released in the spring of 2014 as a production board, it is available now as a custom model.

Streetfighter picks it up


This weekend was an amazing testing ground for the Stteetfighter’s ability to handle harder and harder whitewater. The Kern, always a fun river, was low, and so the lines were tight and technical. Rocks everywhere, with converging currents and tight drops meant you had to be on your toes all the time. But the Streetfighter sure did even the playing field in favor of the SUP’s, and we were able to hang with the kayaks no problem. Four days of river running fun – what’s there to complain about?

The History of SUP

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 7.22.02 PM

Reprinted from “Thepaddler.uk

Inflatable Whitewater board


Here is a sneak peak at our new inflatable whitewater SUP design, the Combat. We have really attacked the main problem of inflatable SUP – they are springy and bend, making it very hard to run even the simplest of rapids with confidence. This board is as stiff and hard as a hard shell board – and that translates to performance. There will be more to come on this later… as I said… it’s a sneak peak..

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