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Tim Ryan on the Mini Mach1

Today we went to secret spot #1786 (yeah, it’s a secret) and it was good head high to overhead surf. Beach break, pounding (read: if you end up inside you could spend 15 minutes trying to get back out – just ask Tim) and sometimes closed out. But the waves that weren’t closing out were amazing. Fast and racy, with all the rewards of surfing this kind of beach break. Tim was on my (scratch that – since he left with it) “mini” Mach 1 8’2″x25″x4″ and this board performed amazingly today. Here are a few frame grabs I got of Tims last few waves after I got out. And of course, some of him getting a look at the inside (and underside) of a few of the larger waves.


Christmas day surf

For Christmas, Santa brought waves, and so I decided to join the brave souls who were willing to brave the cold, and hangovers from the night before, and go catch a few. I’m still figuring out my new Mach1 custom narrow, and its startling rail-to-rail performance, but so far I’m loving every second of it. Here are a few photo sequences from the session.


California has surf!

Don’t get too excited… it lasted for a grand total of about 3 hrs, but for those three hours we finally had surf. it was lumpy, bumpy, all over the place, with a super short period… but hey, who’s complaining. There was surf right? So I got to take my “custom” Mach1 (8’2″ x 25″ x 4.25″ – 92ltr) out for a spin. In those conditions it was a handful when not on the wave, but on the wave it was awesome… So fast rail to rail it’s mind blowing!


Waikiki goes fishing

I’ve never been much of a fisherman, but I have to say the new Waikiki sure makes it a lot of fun. Because its plastic, I can paddle in around rock gardens and not have to worry about damaging the board, and the various features really make this a whole lot of fun. The seat back bungees down to the main deck, with a standard cooler in front of it. This can be used both as a seat, and as storage for tackle, your fish, and of course, “beverages”. The fishing rig has two fishing rod holders built in, so you can place your rod left or right as needed. If front of you, the board has a hatch that accesses the inside of the board (and it totally dry unlike some other hatches on the market), and also a “paddle plug” holder that allows you to store you paddle vertically while casting so its always easily accessible. A deck bungee holds down anything else you might have, like an additional cooler, or whatever tickles your fancy. All in all, this is an awesome system that allows you to paddle seated or standing, with everything the fisherman could need for an amazing time out.


Waikiki Fishing System

I want to take this opportunity to present to you the new fishing system for the Waikiki.

This system is fairly lightweight, and attaches to the board in seconds with bungee straps. It works with industry standard coolers such as the one shown, and is comfortable to use and effective.

The (prototype shown) structure will be made from aluminum, and has a backrest to lean back against so you can paddle seated using a standard Stand Up Paddle. A rod holder on each side is integrated into the system for trolling, and the cooler is accessible at all times so you can get at everything from your tackle, to beverages and of course, store your catch. The board itself has a front hatch so additional storage space is available inside the board.

These are just the preliminary images of the prototype, but we’re so excited we wanted to spread the word.


Corran SUP brings manufacturing to the USA


Microsoft Word - made in the usa press release.docx

Combat Inflatable Explained

Here is a short video explaining the technology we use on our inflatable sups.


Combat Inflatable

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 6.57.17 AM

Tahiti goes into production

Today is an amazing day! We started the production of the Tahiti – our 9′ plastic SUP that weighs only 35lbs. We’re not kidding – really, it’s 35lbs! we’re really excited and grabbed several boards for ourselves to use tomorrow at the John Wayne Cancer foundation “paddle for privates” in Newport beach. Here are some photos showing the entire process… The mold with graphics applied, loading the plastic powder, pre heating critical areas, the mold in the oven, extraction from the mold (a different colour board of course in this photo) and assembly to the final boards ready to go..


Small Surf – Big Smiles

The surf has been small, but that’s no reason not to go out and have a great time… so that’s exactly what we did. The Mach1 continues to amaze me… big or small, pushy or mushy, this board just really rocks in all conditions. Here are some video stills from the inside bay at Churches off Camp Pendleton..

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