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Afterburner goes surfing

If you’re wondering… what if the only SUP I owned was the Afterburner, so I could run class 3 rivers, surf river waves (the board has the same bottom as the Static) but just now and then, you go to the beach… would it surf ocean waves? The answer is yes, it will. Of course it doesn’t surf like a HP surf shape, but its as good as any “beginner” ocean SUP. It is of course optimized for static river waves, but as Terry Pitts here shows, it’s still fun in the ocean.



I recently returned from the best surf trip of my life, Kalama Kamp Namotu, Fiji.  Months before my trip I spoke with Corran on shaping me a board that would work well in the more powerful waves that Fiji offered up and one that could double as my step up board for those bigger days in my home break of Long Beach NY, the board was perfect for what I needed in Fiji, its a 8’7 x 27.5 Mach 1.  It’s a light and very maneuverable board that also offers great stability and glide without the unnecessary added width that other board companies carry to offset for shorter shapes.  Namotu, Fiji is basically a surfers dream playground!  There are multiple world class surf breaks that surround the small island and for any type of skill level.  The area is also extremely consistent and there is usually a spot that is working almost everyday and for the days where its flat or blown out you can relax by the pool, kite surf, spear fish, dive or snorkel its really great for anyone who loves ocean living.  Big thanks to Kalama Kamp for putting together an unreal week of surfing and paddling clinics, I’d highly recommend anyone who is looking to improve on their SUP to sign up for one.  Also big thanks to Corran SUP for shaping me a board which maximized my surfing enjoyment in Fiji!


Pack and Paddle

There are three main issues with paddleboards that this new board solves. 1) Cost 2) Portability and storage and 3) Adaptability. We are bringing a board to market that costs less than traditional boards, can be packed into a small bag for transport and storage, and can be adapted using the various pieces for different uses (for the same user) or different users (of varied size).

While there are paddleboards under $1000, most are of questionable quality. With this board we’re bringing a quality product to market, MADE IN THE USA, for a better price than Asian made products. But the real thing here is how it compacts down. The only other option presently is inflatable boards, which even the best ones on the market flex when stood on, and require time and effort to inflate. This board packs down to a 36″x36″x20″ box that can be shipped USPS (rather than freight forwarder) reducing costs to shops, and from shops to customers. Floor space (which is a premium in stores) is reduced (as is warehouse space) and for the end consumer the board can be taken on public transport, inside a smart car, and stored in the shoe closet: all key points. And finally, the board is adaptable. It can be lengthened and shortened, as needed, for different users, or uses. The same person can use it as a 6′ board for yoga in the above ground pool, as a surfing board at 9′ and as a distance fitness board at 12′. Or a child can use it at 6′, and a 300lbs adult (or two adults) on the 12′ board. The versatility means one family can own one board, and it will work for all.

We’re raising funds for this project here.

Three Piece Paddleboard

Our new three piece paddleboard project is developing nicely. This is a concept I’ve been working on now for 8 years – making a board easier to transport and store, but it wasn’t until recently that I had the added idea to make the board adjustable. Take the same shape – the same pieces – and duplicate them so that you can make a board short or long. The concept is so unique in fact, that we’re patenting the idea.

The “base” board is two pieces – the ends slide together and lock with a ratcheting system that pulls the two pieces together firmly along rigid sliders. This 6′ board is perfect for someone under 150lbs (like kids) looking for a lightweight east and fun play toy. It’s equally effective for someone looking for a small Yoga board that will fit into an “above ground” backyard pool. At 34″ wide, its plenty big enough to support a sub 150lbs person.

When you’re done, take it apart, and store it in a small corner of your house or in the back of your Smart Car. Now clip in the additional 3′ section, and your board goes from 6′ to 9′ so that it has decent paddling speed. At 9′ long its 220ltr and will hold a paddler in excess of 230lbs. With the increased speed, and volume, the board becomes more versatile in its use. Paddle a few miles, try a few waves, go back to your yoga – it’s everything you want it to be. Now ad another identical center section, and your 9′ board becomes 12′ and you have a real distance paddling board. Miles and miles of paddling is possible. A stable fishing platform is achieved, and you have the volume and length to carry two full sized adults so you can paddle tandem. Parents with children… lovers… you and your dog  -it’s all part of what makes this board so amazing. And when its time to do more yoga in the backyard pool, simply remove the center sections again, click it back together, and you’re ready to go.

The molds for this are very expensive (much more than rotomolding which is already not cheap), and so we’ve gone for a cloud funding project to raise the money to bring this to market. You can see our project here: Kickstarter

This is an awesome deal for everyone involved. It helps us bring this idea to life, and it gets you, the end user, a board at much less money than what the retail price would be. You can’t beat a win-win situation like this. So we’re appealing to your instinctive need to save money, own something truly practical and unique, and be a part of stand up history.

3 PC Assembled 2.133

Cloud Funding

I just wanted to let you know that our Kickstarter project is now live.

We’re raising money for an exciting new project we’re working on to manufacture a three piece paddleboard that we are patenting. Here is the link if you’re interested, or you know anyone who might be interested in supporting this project:


Yoga 3p ratchet

New Innegra Material

We’ve been working tirelessly to develop ways to make a stronger board, without pricing ourselves out of the market. We came across a fantastic new material called Innegra, that can be combined with carbon, fiberglass, or used on its own to create lightweight, highly impact resistant boards. Think of it as a Kevlar that doesn’t yellow, absorb water when cracked, or fuzz when sanded. So far all drop dart impact tests show the material to be as effective as Kevlar when impacted (in the combinations we use with the foam and fiberglass sandwich). More testing continues as we do the first tests on boards that require high impact resistance. Then we’ll see how the material works to make them more snap resistant in large surf. The testing continues. Here are some photos of the Afterburner (uncoloured) so the Innegra fabric can be seen.


Afterburner in the surf

Well, well… I was so eager to test my new Afterburner, made from a test material called Innegra, that I decided to take it into the surf… and what do you know -it’s really fun even in ocean surf. I used it with the tail drop fin, not the new snap-in FCS fins which you can put in and out without the use of tools when you get to good waves on the river, and then put the new tail skeg back in when river running. But back to the point of this post – did I mention I took the Afterburner into ocean surf, and it was really fun?


River SUP South Africa

Dean Bottcher and Brendon Germaine took the Streetfighter and Combat out on one of the rivers close to Durban, South Africa and got this great footage. Brendon is a distance Canoe paddler, and this was his first time river SUPing… Not bad if you ask me.


Fishing Waikiki in Camo

Due to popular demand, we are now making the Waikiki in a Camouflage colour scheme for 2014. Personally, I think this came our looking great!  Look for it in your fishing shops next year.

Fishing camo

Static Surfing in Montreal

I just got back from an awesome week in Montreal, Canada. The level was perfect for the main wave at Habitat to be glassy and greened out, and so I went out for a few sessions with my friend Yannick Larouche who’s becoming an accomplished SUP surfer in the area. The wave is a river wave, so unlike an ocean wave that forms up, then rolls in towards the beach breaking progressively as it goes, a river wave stands still, with the water rushing over the reef that forms it. While the wave lifts and fall,s greens out and then crumbles, it never moves from its static position. This means you can “learn” the wave, and also take long rides (as long as you like – or until you get yelled off the wave for the next person). The Static absolutely loves this wave, and I was having a ball, racing back and forth, doing cutbacks and floaters. It really was an amazing few sessions!

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