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Country Singer Amelie Hall on the Tahiti

I just got these photos from Country rock singer Amelie Hall of her on her Tahiti Corran SUP, enjoying an evening paddle. Great shots from a great singer.


Can you really run hard WW on a SUP?

I get asked all the time… can you REALLY run decent whitewater on a paddleboard, or is it just a case of huck and chuck as most photos make it appear? The answer is a simple and astounding YES. Very much so. The REASON you see so many photos and video’s of people paddling into rapids, and swimming out of them, is that they’re on the wrong equipment.

Imagine for a second you’re a kayaker, and you take surf shape kayak into the river. What would happen? It’s no fun at all. You’d spend more time rolling than padding. The same applies to SUP. Given that most “river SUP designs” are in fact nothing more than surf shapes blown up, it’s no wonder that SUP paddling on rivers looks like a complete waste of time.

But if you have the right equipment, it’s a whole other game. We are running solid class 4 with relative ease, and some baby class 5 rapids are just starting to be tackled. Board designs like the Streetfighter, that make hard whitewater easy in the same way that a creeking kayak design makes hard rapids easy (compared to a playboat), are really opening up things. Whether its steep drops and boofs (helped by the boof buddy) or big volume pumping water and waves attacking you from all sides, the Streetfighter is the great equalizer: rapids that I can’t even begin to run successfully on other designs I do with ease on the Streetfighter.

It’s no wonder that the Streetfighter is the best selling whitewater paddleboard in the world!


Streetfighter nails class 4

Expert Kiteboarder, Patagonia athlete and SUP surfer Jillien Fillion joined me yesterday on the class 4 section of the Rouge River in Quebec to do some whitewater SUP paddling. The level was high, at about 70 m3/s (cms), making the rapids long, full of holes and giant waves spattered about. At first he wasn’t using the boof buddy, and when punching the larger holes he’d get bucked off the back, but as soon as he figured out how to use it to stay connected to the board, everything changed and he was successfully plugging even the hardest of the drops.

Of course the amazing stability and forgiving nature of the Streetfighter makes it second to none for pushing your personal limits. When you’re a top athlete like Jullien, those limits are pretty high. However for most people the Streetfighters ability to run whitewater with a high level of success for even total beginners is whats making this board so attractive (never mind that its by far the lightest plastic board on the market, and retails for half the price of most boards). But I digress… This story was of course about Jullien and how well he did on the Rouge river yesterday. These photos (including one fantastic wipeout before he’d figured out the boof buddy) show how hard the river is!


South Fork of the Payette

I had an opportunity to run the South Fork of the Payette with Dan Gavere and Peter Bartle. All I can say is that it was really fun. Ok, that’s not all I can say – most of it was fairly easy, but there were two rapids that were certainly challenging on a Stand Up board – enough to make Dan swim one of them, and I swam the other (we were the only ones to run them)! It is as far as I know the highest the section has been attempted on SUP. To be honest it was quite easy on the Streetfighter – except for the two – and I can’t wait to get onto harder stuff. Both Dan and Peter were on form as well, I should note – as always!


Hydra Take Apart fits in small cars

A short video showing the Hydra in a small car

lambo hydra

Hydra Take Apart board first paddle

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 3.25.23 PM

Streetfighter on the Chili Bar

I just got back fro three days of amazing paddling on the Chili Bar section of the South Fork of the American river. There I met with an old friend from the extreme kayaking days, Jamie Cooper, and local paddlers Albert Romvari, Mike Fentress and Hilde Schwitzer. While the latter three preferred to take their kayaks and watch, Jamie and I spent three days on the SL350 and Streetfighters running the lower gorge sections and upper Chili Bar sections. On eht Streetfighter the Gorge was almost too easy – the board is just so easy and stable that I was having to go out of my way looking for hard lines and boofs, rock splats and hard-to-catch eddies to keep it interesting. Jamie styled the gorge – putting her kayaking experience to work for her. So the next day I decided to take the SL350 down the chili bar. This was a real challenge and my goal was simply not to fall at all running the rapids, which I succeeded in doing. But it was a real challenge, and made the day quite fun. The following day I returned on the Streetfighter, and this was a real walk-in-the-park. Like the gorge, I went out of my way to look for boofs, ledges, and the biggest holes I could find to punch, including running the main line of Trouble Maker through the center ledge hole, and right through the throat of First Threat. All in all, its the perfect river for the Streetfighter and SUP – basically deep, easy runs, with all the potential to make it as hard as you like if that’s what you want.


Tahiti in Tahiti

If you’re wondering where one of the best places to use the Tahiti paddleboard is… it’s in Tahiti. That’s right – Fenua Stand Up Paddle uses our boards in the magical Tahitian islands for their paddleboard tours because the board simply works well – it’s stable, paddles straight, and is almost unbreakable. What more could you need for your rental operation? And that’s why Corran Stand Up Paddleboards have become the go-to boards for rentals worldwide.


iDusi final shape

We’ve been working hard to create the ultimate speed racing and fitness inflatable paddleboard. Why inflatable? Well 17′ (ICF canoe and kayak racing standard rules) is quite long, but when it rolls up into the same size as any other paddleboard, then it makes sense to go longer for more speed and glide once its inflated. We’ve made some small adjustments to the outline, rocker and also carbon rod placement on the deck of the board to maximize glide and stiffness, and the final board is so sweet….


A good day surfing

I haven’t had a chance to surf with my East Coast buddy Jimi Blakeney in about 5 years. Back when I lived in Montreal I’d drive down to RI where he lives and we’d surf all up and down the east coast – often freezing our butts off. Hes out in Cali this week, and we decided to go for a quick surf. He didn’t have a board, so I lent him one of mine. Jimi was on fire and really surfing well. I have barely surfed at all since October last year, focusing on racing a lot, so it was a real pleasure to get out and surf. He said we should surf together more often. Move to California I said! I also got to try out the new Body Glove T3 booties – it was like being velcro’d to the traction pad (can you have too much grip?) – really awesome. It was like surfing bare foot, but not!

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