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First Plastic Tahiti boards

We’re pretty excited here at Corran Sup… the first plastic boards are coming out of the mold, and they look awesome. I mean really awesome… this board is going to be a hit. Here are some photos of the very first board..

photo 1

Tahiti in action

We took the Tahiti out for a paddle, and to get some photos. Every time we paddle this board we remember just how fun it is. We can;t wait for the final production to start this August.



Del Mar Surfing

This is a nifty little secret spot down in Del Mar, Southern California that my good friend Tim Ryan discovered. So we showed up at 5am, the three of us (with Chris Hammond) still with sleep in our eyes. Whats amazing about this break is it picks up just about anything… when the rest of the immediate coastline is flat, this break is going off. Peaky, with lefts and rights popping up all over the place, there would be space for 15 or 20 surfers out there… not that we want to bring 15 or 20 surfers to this spot! We were both out on our Mach1 custom 8’2″x26.5″ boards and having a blast. It was harder than normal to square it up and get vertical, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t trying our best, and having a ball doing it. Here are some shots from the day, taken long before the crows get up..


Girl Action

Here are some photos of a 115lbs girl on the Mach 1 making it work in waist high surf… good times and good fun was the final word! The board seemed to really operate well with her weight. It’s a custom 8’2″ x 26.5″ x 4″ version of the production board, and set up as a Quad with Jamie Mitchel fins..


Tahiti out in the Surf

I got to take the Tahiti, the new plastic SUP from Corran, into the surf yesterday. It was hardly stellar conditions, but there was surf, and I wanted to see how it would do. It’s not really designed for surfing – really its an entry level board for people wanting to get into stand up paddling, and just want to paddle about the cabin or harbor etc. But hey… I figure they may also want to take it into the surf from time to time (though smaller surf than what I took it out into for sure).

It was actually a lot of fun. I could charge down the line, and turn more than I thought on the face of the wave. Paddling out was easy as pie compared to my surfing SUP. The local surfers were a little confused that I was surfing this board rather than my normal one, so I had some explaining to do. Here are a few select photos from the session..


Check out the Mach 1

The Mach1 stands alone in the category of high performance surfing paddleboards. It is a game changer. This is the first surfing shape on the market to truly handle like a shortboard. Dynamic rail to rail performance is achieved through the delicate combination of the pulled in ends, aggressive rocker and crowned deck. This in turn works with the bottom contours and rail shape to create a board that has so much speed and drive it’s startling. Fast, loose and dynamic to the extreme, this is a surfers dream..

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