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San Onofre surfing fun

Stephanie, Donnie and I went out to “sano” again for some fun times and waves. While it was hardly “pumping”, it was a whole lot of fun, and the we ended it all up with a BBQ at the end of the day… so we can’t complain about that. Stephanie graduated from the Big to the Mach1, and it was pretty funny at first as she had to overcome the tippyness of the board, but once she got it on a wave she loved it. All in all, it’s hard to complain when you live in a place like this..


Lei e Bellissima !

She’s beautiful! The board of course… what did you think we were talking about? She’s fast, she’s stable, and she’s fun. And most of all, she is beautiful. That’s why the girls were fighting over the board when we took it down to the beach for a paddle. It’s also very very light, and that really helps for carry and loading. But most of all, everyone agreed on the same thing – how fast and easy the board is to paddle. And while the Bellissima will be used mostly on  open ocean, lakes and calm waters, it certainly can surf if you want it to… more on that to come..


Surfing 204’s

Stephanie,  very good friend of mine has come down from Montreal to hang out. While she has surfed (the river wave there) she had only been on an SUP one time, on a canal. So we decided to take her out at 204’s for a surf… we put her on the BIG, and off she went. It took no time and she was catching waves. Donnie of course was in fine form, and I was able to catch a few waves too… Here are a few photos from the session..


SUPping Telluride CO

10,000 ft. 54 degrees, and Fall is in the air!  This is Trout Lake outside of Telluride CO.  The only thing better than paddling this morning, is the cup of coffee I’m enjoying while pecking away at the thumb keyboard.  This a beautiful lake close to the town of Telluride CO and slightly closer to Telluride Mountain Village.

The Boot Doctors shuttle van just rolled up with a grip of boards on top… must be a group or family taking a SUP lesson. Boot Doctors is a premier winter sport retailer in Telluride;  they also happen to be seasoned pros in outdoor gear, bikes, and of course the S.U.P. source and S.U.P. experts in the immediate area.
Russ Gotzmer – Rocky Mountain Rep – Corran Inc.


Two for Trails

I had the good fortune to go surfing at Trails with Joe Carberry today, and all I can say is that it was good fun. OK, that’s not all I can say… I could also say that while it was small (waist high) it was fast and racy, and you could do anything you wanted with the waves. While we were only out for about an hour, at the end of that hour I was completely dead. We literally raced in and out of the surf, getting wave after wave until we both almost fell over from exhaustion.  And that folks, is how you take a lunch break!.


Summer in San Onofre

I got to go out this morning for sun up with my good friend Tim Ryan to “San O” for a surf. It was waist to chest high most of the day, which is not bad for summer in California. Starting at the “dog patch” we worked our way down to “Nukes” (in front of the power plant) where we spent the remainder of the morning until our legs literally gave out. We were both on the Mach 1, and this board does nothing short of amaze me every time I ride it. It’s just so fast… it has so much drive on the face that you can push the board around like you’re on a wave twice as powerful. We did get some photos, so enjoy them..


Outdoor retailer demo

We just returned from the Outdoor Retailer show in SLC Utah, which was a great success for us. This is the first time many people have seen, and paddled, our new boards. And what we got was an unequivocal “two thumbs up” from everyone who paddled them… and here’s the best part… without exceptions. Not a single person didn’t think that these boards were going to be a hit, from dealers, to general paddlers and equally pleasing, our competitors who came over to give them a try. Despite the knee deep mud, we had a great time.

We’re in for a big year in 2013, and we are really stoked. Thanks to Joel Yang for the photos..


First plastic Tahiti

That’s right… the very first plastic Tahiti is out of the mold. We made just a few to check the mold is good, and now we’re shipping it to the USA where we will make all the production.


Since we were done, and we had some time, we decided to take one of them out to the local river near the mold makers factory. There I took my first spin on the actual plastic board (rather than a fiberglass carbon copy of the plastic board). It’s amazing. Every bit as good as the fiberglass proto was. For plastic it’s really light (about 37lbs, and this will come down to under 35lbs when we get it dialed in, which is 25% lighter than the comparable plastic boards out there). None of the mold makers had ever seen a paddle board, and so they all wanted to try it. After the first guy was successful, then it was everyone wanting a go. Given that I don’t speak any Chinese, I was unable to give them any instruction, so this board just passed the ultimate test: jump on and go without a single clue how to do it. No one fell in, and everyone was able to have a good time. All I can say is… STOKED!.


Tahiti and Waikiki out in the bay

We went out for a paddle in the harbor, and I was able to snap some pix of these awesome boards in their prime destination – a casual paddle with friends. What was amazing is how many people were asking about the boards. What are they made of (rotomolded plastic), what do they cost (about half or less than half of most other boards) and so on… and of course… once they try them… well “hooked” is the best way to describe the reaction..


Cobalt Paddle

Here is a quick look at our new plastic paddle, the Coblat. Lightweight,  strong and inexpensive. Oh, and did we mention, frigin rad looking too. This is going to be a great paddle for the Tahiti and Waikiki, and it has a second blade so it converts into a kayak style paddle too..

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