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Cambodia on SUP

In another life, Donnie was in the Military. We could tell you what he did, but then we’d have to kill you (everyone reading this – that’s a lot of people), but lets just say that Donnie used to get around. And in all those travels, he made a lot of friends in the most obscure places. Well, Donnie decided that it would be fun to take the new inflatable line of Corran SUP out for a trip, and why paddle something local when you can go to the other end of the world to do it. Somewhere really off the beaten path. And just what he did. Packing 4 boards all rolled up into bags, he boarded a flight and crossed half the glove with them (try doing that with hard shells). So here are just a few photos of the trip he sent me when he had wifi access.

IMG 9744 – Tonle Sap Lake near Siem Riep/Angkor Wat Cambodia
IMG 9712- Floating Village on Tonle Sap
IMG 0430- Mekong River Cambodia
IMG 0596- South Coast Cambodia diving for clams
IMG 0568- South Coast Cambodia

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