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Boards for women

Women have become the largest part of SUP paddling over the last two years, with recreational and fitness paddling being the main activities. As such, we are expanding our SUP line for women, and have two boards targeted specifically for women. The Belissima, which has done very well for us. At 10’6″ and weighing only 17lbs, this stable and easy to use board has been one of our best sellers because of its versatility and weight (the fact that its an awesome fuchsia had nothing to do with it I’m sure). But there has been a call for a faster dedicated flat water fitness board that is equally easy to carry, store and transport, but has the glide and speed of a dedicated race board. At 9’9″ and 16lbs, this new derivative of the acclaimed Lightning certainly seems to be fitting that bill. Slated to be released in the spring of 2014 as a production board, it is available now as a custom model.

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