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Big n Huge day

With all the excitement about the Mach1, we’ve neglected to talk about another board we have in our lineup – the “BIG ‘n huge”. While there is no doubt the main goal of this board was to create a board that a total beginner could use to start paddleboarding (in both surf and lakes), we also wanted a board that in the hands of good surfers, would be a whole lot of fun. And it’s quite literally that. We went out with three completely different surfers – an experienced 160lbs shortboarder who had never SUP before, a 120lbs girl who’s an experienced SUP surfer, and an expert 180lbs SUP surfer. All three said the same thing: “This board is so much fun!”. Yup – it was hands down, a paddles up day, with almost illegal ear to ear smiles. Perhaps the best comment was from Chelu, “I really liked the board. This is the first time I’ve really nose ridden, and it was amazing. But it still turned so well, and perhaps most of all, I had such a good time just paddling around because no matter how hard I paddled, the board always went faster, so it was a great work-out”. Yeah… we agree… and the photo of Chelu paddling out over the huge surf is a testament to the boards speed and stability!

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