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Belissima 2013 closer look

I wanted to take this opportunity to take a closer look at the 2013 Bellissima. There are a few, very subtle changes from the 2012 version, other than the colour. The 1st, and most important, is that the board is now made in the USA using locally produced materials and labor. This is key if we are to support the local economy and give back to an industry that has been great to us. The construction is a step forward from what the industry does as a whole. Boards are either painted on the core (which reduces the ability of the epoxy to bond to the core), and then laminated over the outside, or in the case of Chinese made boards, painted over the fiberglass (usually to hide imperfections and inferior materials). We pigment the epoxy which accomplishes two things. It ads significant UV protection to the epoxy, thus extending the life of the board, and because there is no paint on the foam, we get a superior bond making the board stronger. The shape itself is similar to 2012, with just a ever so slight adjustment in tail rocker so its easier to surf, and a more efficient entry waterline to increase glide and speed. Overall, the 2013 Bellissima is an amazing board, coming out right at 17lbs making it easy for women to carry even long distances.

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