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Yoga on the Belissima


We often have people ask us “what exactly is the Belissima for”? Well, thats a tough one because it’s for everything. But unlike the other “all around” boards out there that are… well… all ROUND… the Belissima is designed to be a really efficient paddling board on flatwater, with a keeled displacement bow. This increased glide translates to a more enjoyable paddling experience. But as important, is the crossover nature of the Belissima. It’s also a great board for learning to surf small waves, and lastly, the Belissima is fast becoming a favorite for Yoga. The wide flat deck is perfect for this, and the traction pad we use on the Belissima is designed not to chafe and rub, so you can be sure that your session is about getting fit, not getting rubbed the wrong way. This is why the Belissima is quickly becoming a favorite. Yeah, we know… we really did think of everything!

Boards for women


Women have become the largest part of SUP paddling over the last two years, with recreational and fitness paddling being the main activities. As such, we are expanding our SUP line for women, and have two boards targeted specifically for women. The Belissima, which has done very well for us. At 10’6″ and weighing only 17lbs, this stable and easy to use board has been one of our best sellers because of its versatility and weight (the fact that its an awesome fuchsia had nothing to do with it I’m sure). But there has been a call for a faster dedicated flat water fitness board that is equally easy to carry, store and transport, but has the glide and speed of a dedicated race board. At 9’9″ and 16lbs, this new derivative of the acclaimed Lightning certainly seems to be fitting that bill. Slated to be released in the spring of 2014 as a production board, it is available now as a custom model.

Developing the 2014 boards


It’s that time of the year where we’re developing our lineup of boards for 2014, and so I wanted to just talk about the first one, an as yet unnamed board for women looking for a super lightweight, easy to transport, store and carry board for fitness paddling. Faster than the Belissima on flat water (the trade off being reduced stability), this 9’9″ x 28″ design literally flies across the water effortlessly, making it the ultimate board for women who are wanting something fun and fast, without having to deal with the cumbersome weight and size of a full length race board. We’ve already sold a few of these as “custom” boards in 2013, but it’ll be a stock board next year. Here are some photos of the board in action.

Streetfighter in plastic!


Corran Sup is pleased to announce the release of the Streetfighter in plastic. The Streetfighter has received high praise from all that have used it, and it is quoted as being “The best whitewater SUP out there by far”. Until now it was available only in kevlar construction, costing three times what the plastic version will sell for. The Streetfighter’s official release is in March of 2014, but we will be making only 100 units in 2013 as a “spacial pre release”. Part of this special release is the teaming up with Drift Innovation, who make the best POV camera on the market today, to offer these first 100 buyers of the Streetfighter their latest camera, the Ghost, at a 40% discount from retail. The Streetfighter comes standard with the Drift camera attachment on the board.

Some of the special features of the Streetfighter are:

* At under 38lbs, it is the lightest plastic whitewater paddleboard on the market. This is a big deal when you start to push your limits, which invariably leads to more portaging, scouting and so on.

* The board comes with two fin systems – the highly praised flip up skeg (so you spend more time paddling and less time flying off the board) and a standard fin box (so regular fins can be used, as well as the snap-in wheel).

* The Boof Buddy foot hook helps you maintain contact with the board when running bigger drops, without the risk of foot entrapment from a loop strap style design.

* Dry hatch that can’t break from rock impacts, for storing things like safety gear, camera gear, food and water.

* Well placed end and center handles that makes it easy to lift and carry the Streetfighter.

* Drift Innovation standard camera mount

You can see more about the Streetfighter here (Kevlar board shown).

Retail on the Streetfighter is $789, with all the above features included. ONLY 100 units are available in 2013, so contact your local dealer to order yours. Shipping starts August 15, first come first served.

XXL Paddelfestival Markkleeberg (Leipzig/GER)


Corran SUP at German season opening XXL Paddelfestival Markkleeberg (Leipzig/GER) 2013 Last weekend, the 13th and 14th of April, a spectacular paddle event and testival took place and approx 3.000 interested people and active paddlers from all discipline showed up and started into the new season. The event was located at the amazing Kanupark Markkleeberg, near Leipzig which is an artificial water sport park and one of the biggest whitewater centers in Europe. A lot of free high lights like over 150 test boats and boards, kayak canoe and SUP workshops, SUP races, a night boater-cross at the white water channel have been offered at this testival. As one of two SUP brands and for the first time Corran has been out there and offered the new boards for testing to the German Sup fellows. Great fun and a lot of interest! As an additional side event for the German Pros there has also been started the “Superflavor German SUP Challenge” with two races. It was the first tour stop out of four in the German race season.

Streetfighter picks it up


This weekend was an amazing testing ground for the Stteetfighter’s ability to handle harder and harder whitewater. The Kern, always a fun river, was low, and so the lines were tight and technical. Rocks everywhere, with converging currents and tight drops meant you had to be on your toes all the time. But the Streetfighter sure did even the playing field in favor of the SUP’s, and we were able to hang with the kayaks no problem. Four days of river running fun – what’s there to complain about?

Streetfighter on the Kern River


We just had an awesome weekend on the Kern – three days of paddling, rock dodging, hole boofing, swan diving fun! Five of us, including Adam Cumming, John Stalone, Terry Pitts and Olympic kayaker Eric Giddens ran three sections of the kern at 450cfs. This is low water, making many of the lines very tricky, and consequences high for mistakes. But we’re all fitted with full face helmets, back protectors and full body armor, so who cares right? Well, ask the boys how their hips feel as they limp about. I also managed to smash my Drift camera into the rocks and totally destroy it (booo). But all said and done, it was a fantastic weekend, and we put the Boof Buddy and new flip up skeg to the test – with thumbs up results from all!

The History of SUP

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 7.22.02 PM

Reprinted from “Thepaddler.uk

Surfing morning


The nice thing about working for yourself is that you get to go surf anytime you feel like it… and this morning there were waves, and heck… I felt like it. So off I went with my friend Adam Cumming, and we had a great 2 hour session of waist to chest high waves, glassy conditions and no lineup. How good can it get… Oh and I should mention that my new 25″ wide Mach1 is ripping!

Waikiki Fishing


This is a great little 7min video explaining the features of the Waikiki and its use for fishing.


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