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First Plastic Streetfighters


There is a lot of excitement – the very first plastic Streetfighters are out the mold, and the shape looks great. There is obviously a lot of work still to do before these come to market, but we’re excited to see that even the very first boards look good.



The Afterburner is our latest creation for SUP paddlers looking to take their overall river experience to the next level. If you want to simplify the overall concept, we put a Streetfighter deck on a Static hull. But it’s not that simple…

The goal was to pack as much ease, forgiveness and river running handling into a high performance surfing shape. Or maybe the goal was to put as much surfing ability as possible into an easy to use river runner. It’s so good at both, that its hard to say which it really is.

The crowned, high volume nose and sidewalls make this board amazing forgiving for a shape that surfs like a dedicated wave machine. Meanwhile, the hull is all surf! Bevelled rails tip to tail so you can spin and play every river feature, with a rocker and outline that just scream SURF!

Made from kevlar, so it’s extra strong and light!


* Flip-up skeg so you don’t hang up on rocks
* Tool free snap-in quad FCS fins for surfing
* Boof Buddy for running drops
Afterburner  8’3” x 33” x 7”


Some more Mach1 action


Yesterday was choppy, windy, sloppy and the surf was dubbling up and all over the place – so I decided to go out anyway and get some waves. Rather than taking an easy board, I took my super skinny custom Mach1. I’m not going to tell you it was easy to stand on it and paddle around, but it was worth it and I got a few great rides. This board never ceases to amaze me.

Streetfighter 2013 limited edition

Streetfighter special edition

We have a very limited 100 Streetfighters available in plastic in 2013. These come in a special “racing” colour scheme, along with a “pro form” deal from Drift Innovation on a Drift Ghost POV camera. Because there are only 100 ever of these special edition boards going to be made, they are in short supply. All 100 are already purchased by our dealers, and they are taking orders now from people who want to get onto one of these amazing boards. Contact your local dealer (see our dealers listings) to reserve yours.

A week in Montreal


I just got back from an awesome week of river surfing in Montreal. Chambly, Habitat 67, and of course the Lachines. Unfortunately I was not able to surf Mavericks (see the post main photo from another time) this time around, but the other three spots really put out the goods. I was on the Kevlar Static the entire time, and this board really delivered the goods. Easy to paddle down the lachines (for a surfing board – not compared to the Streetfighter of course), and then really performing on the wave. I really had a ball with my old surfing buddies, Julien Fillion and Yannick Larouche!

iAfrica – a zulu whitewater sup adventure


Finally, here it is – the first whitewater SUP adventure on film, hosted by SUP Magazine. You’re going to enjoy watching this…




Waikiki at Catamount ranch in Colorado


I was lucky enough to get to hang out with the guys from Catamount Ranch in Steamboat Springs Colorado. An amazing location by any standards, this high altitude lake is pristine and beautiful in Colorados rolling high planes. They have a full rental fleet of our boards for the local members of the club. They must love this!

Mach1 Surfing Video

A Great short fun video showing the mach1 in action in California’s beach breaks

Pimping the Bellissima


We had a customer come to us with an interesting request: “I have a small kid that I want to take paddling with me on my SUP. Is there a way we can add some kind of handle for him to hold onto, and also a way to make sure when hes seated he doesn’t just slide off?”


Thats it? Oh, this is easy I thought. And how about somewhere for you to sit too when you get tired of lugging the little guy around? And maybe make it even easier to carry the board down to the water, even if the board only weighs 17lbs to begin with…. So here it is. The delux super pimp Bellissima! End handles so it can be carried. TWO attachment points for seats, a center carry handle and  of course, the key handle for the little guy to hang on to when paddling. I think this came out really well!

Lost Mills SUP event – Germany


Last weekend was the Lost Mills SUp demo day and race in Germany, and Corran SUP was there in force demoing boards. I think the smiles, thumbs up and general excitement about or boards there are evident from the photos. The Belissima, being so light and performance based for general recreational paddlers is as always a massive hit with women, while the practical, inexpensive and almost indestructible Waikiki and Tahiti were constantly out on the water and soon became event favorites. So be sure to check out the photos below.

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