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River SUP South Africa


Dean Bottcher and Brendon Germaine took the Streetfighter and Combat out on one of the rivers close to Durban, South Africa and got this great footage. Brendon is a distance Canoe paddler, and this was his first time river SUPing… Not bad if you ask me.

Fishing Waikiki in Camo

Fishing camo

Due to popular demand, we are now making the Waikiki in a Camouflage colour scheme for 2014. Personally, I think this came our looking great!  Look for it in your fishing shops next year.

Static Surfing in Montreal


I just got back from an awesome week in Montreal, Canada. The level was perfect for the main wave at Habitat to be glassy and greened out, and so I went out for a few sessions with my friend Yannick Larouche who’s becoming an accomplished SUP surfer in the area. The wave is a river wave, so unlike an ocean wave that forms up, then rolls in towards the beach breaking progressively as it goes, a river wave stands still, with the water rushing over the reef that forms it. While the wave lifts and fall,s greens out and then crumbles, it never moves from its static position. This means you can “learn” the wave, and also take long rides (as long as you like – or until you get yelled off the wave for the next person). The Static absolutely loves this wave, and I was having a ball, racing back and forth, doing cutbacks and floaters. It really was an amazing few sessions!

From Russia with Love


A great review of our company and boards in Russian, from the Nurenburg Paddle Expo event last week. Anyone speak Russian
Original Article in Russian

The Big SUPJourney


The Big SUP is a journey by Stand Up Paddleboard from Carmel, through Big Sur, to Cayucos. Approximately 115 miles, the trip is to raise awareness for the value of clean and healthy oceans, for both the planet and for our own well-being. Given the rugged nature of the Big Sur coast, and the epic surf spots along the way that are inaccessible except by sea, the Infiltrator/S.E.A.L. combo expedition board is the ultimate board choice for this sort of trip. Together the boards handle all the gear needed, and when a likely wave is found the S.E.A.L. pops right off and is a fun, surfy little shape that is easy to paddle for most. – Matt Hudgins

Cover shot in OutdoorUAE


Well, well, we seem to be getting some great coverage in the middle East… after the recent review of the Tahiti, now we get a cover shot of the Waikiki. Awesome.

Corran SUP in Dubai


A Great review of the Tahiti in Outdoor UAE in the Middle East.

New Yoga Board – Namaste

Namaste Flyer

As the sport of SUP continues to grow, so do the various disciplines within it. Yoga is quickly becoming a major part of the sport – especially for women who now make up for over 50% of all SUP users. 

The Namaste has our unique non chaffing pad that eliminates rash from doing yoga moves (or simply sun tanning or messing about on board as many families do). The deck is lightly concave from tip to tail increasing balance, giving you a more positive feel while in movement, and reducing wobble. This same recess makes it easier for children (and dogs) to stay comfortably on board  while paddling.

The wide rounded nose also increases stability, while the light V in the nose reduces wave slap when paddling making for a more comfortable ride without reducing that “classic surf shape” feel.
Whether you’re a dedicated Yogi, a parent wanting to paddle with children, or two full sized adults wanting to enjoy each others company, the Namaste is your board.

* Concave deck increases stability and confidence
* Full length non-chaff deck pad
* Plenty of volume for two adults to paddle
* Recommended for top weight 350lbs

Namaste Dimentions

11’ x 34” x 5” – 155ltr
Available in Fusia or Red.

Static surfing Montreal


Yannick Larouche has managed to talk me out of my Static (“looking after it for you”) and has been going out and surfing some of the river waves there. He was nice enough to send me these photos with ” Dude, this board is amazing!”

Infiltrator – the ultimate coastal board


I really think you're going to enjoy this new board.



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