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A good day surfing

I haven’t had a chance to surf with my East Coast buddy Jimi Blakeney in about 5 years. Back when I lived in Montreal I’d drive down to RI where he lives and we’d surf all up and down the east coast – often freezing our butts off. Hes out in Cali this week, and we decided to go for a quick surf. He didn’t have a board, so I lent him one of mine. Jimi was on fire and really surfing well. I have barely surfed at all since October last year, focusing on racing a lot, so it was a real pleasure to get out and surf. He said we should surf together more often. Move to California I said! I also got to try out the new Body Glove T3 booties – it was like being velcro’d to the traction pad (can you have too much grip?) – really awesome. It was like surfing bare foot, but not!

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