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2015 Combat proto

I thought I’d post some images of the new 2015 Combat prototype.

We have long been believers in hard shell boards for use in whitewater. The ability to create refined shapes, with changing rail design through the length of the board, specific rockers and subtle hull shapes and deck contours, combined with a stiff shell that doesn’t reverberate when hitting waves, creates a board that is significantly easier to paddle than any inflatable shape – all other things being equal.

But this does not mean that inflatable boards do not have their place. Indeed, they do. For many, storage and transport is a problem. For others, they hike in long distances to get to their favorite runs. And finally, there are simply believers out there who want an inflatable. So our goal has been to give all those advantages of storage, and transport, in a design which is as close as possible to a hard shell design as can be had. In essence – to recreate the Streetfighter as closely as possible.

Obviously, it’s not possible to design the refined subtleties of a contoured hard shell board, but we have gotten closer than anyone else. The thick 8″ rails make the board as forgiving as possible in the most turbulent conditions, while the lowered standing area at 4″ increases stability significantly (for every 1/2″ you lower the standing area, it has about the same effect as increasing width by 1″ for stability). The 8″ construction also makes the board much stiffer, reducing as much as possible the effect of the “yoga on a waterbed feel” that most inflatable boards have.

But this is old news. Whats new for 2015?

We’ve increased the length from 9’3″ to 10′, carried more width through the ends, widened the standing area of the board, and doubled the amount of drainage. The end result… a board which is faster, more stable, easier to control, faster draining and simply more enjoyable to paddle than the original design, making it easily the top choice for 2015 for those looking to whitewater sup on an inflatable board.

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